What the law requires when labeling skincare products.

On a recent forum about labeling skincare, a member posted an ingredient list for a night cream and was wondering what surfactant was used to keep the oil and water ingredients from separating and was the citric acid the preservative. The list reads – Water, Jojoba Oil, Armond oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Citric Acid. Shelf life 2 years. Too any seasoned Cosmetic Chemist, there were some major flaws in this list, either they are missing some key ingredients or overstated its shelf life. Labeling skincare products is very simply.  There is a legal framework that you must follow to not only be compliant but also inform the consumer what is in your product so they can make an inform purchasint decison.

What is required when Labeling skincare products.

There are specific rules and are adopted all around the world.

  1. The ingredients list must be clearly visible at the point of purchase. ie On the packaging, if a point of purchase is via the web it must be available the website.
  2. If an ingredient label can’t be displayed on the packaging due to the size, shape or nature of the product, information must be displayed with the product. eg swing tags, leaflets or product card.
  3. The name of the ingredients must be listed using the correct International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) name – The chemical name not the trade name or common name.
  4. All ingredients (except color additives) with a concentration above 1% must be listed in descending order.
  5. Followed by ingredients (except color additives) with a concentration 1% or below listed in any order.
  6. Followed by color additives listed in any order.

This is a very simple open system that does not give away your company trade secrets or formula but ensures consistency in ingredient list from product to product. If you wish to look up any INCI ingredient name – http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/cosing/index.cfm?fuseaction=search.simple

It is very simple guidelines to labeling skincare but is it too simple? As in an earlier blog it can present some limitation.

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