Are You Washing your Face Wrong? Cleanse Correctly for Great Skin

It is something that we have been doing since birth but are you doing it right to ensure optimum healthy skin. Due to the environment, air pollution, are work requirements and the products we put on our faces (makeup and/or sunscreen), a single cleanse is not enough to fully wash away the day’s grime. Research has shown that a person typically spend just three seconds washing their face and if lucky with a Cleanser. But normally it is a quick rub round with soap and then a splash of water. Leaving much of the dirt and products on the skin. By dedicating just a minute to Double Face Cleansing your face you will be rewarded with fantastic benefit and outcomes.

The first cleanse is the loosen and start removing the dirt, grime, dead skin cells, excess skin oils, makeup and sun screen off the surface of the skin. The second cleanse is to finalize the removal grime and preventing congestion, breakouts, dull, rough textured skin and even premature ageing. By completing the double cleanse on your skin, you will ensure that the skin remains healthy and smooth plus it prepares the surface for you to apply your other skincare products to get the maximum benefit from these products.

There are three key products needed for an effective cleanse.

  1. A good cleansing product. “A cleanser needs to match your skin type to be the most effective at cleaning the skin without being drying or inflaming the skin. Oily skin/acne skin – gel facial wash, Dry/sensitive skin, a milky, creamy one. Combination skin, milky cleanser or a gel facial wash.
  1. A cleansing cloth. Great as they facilitate the removal of makeup and cleanser. Ideally choose a cleansing cloth over a face cloth as they are normally made out of bacterial resistant material and dry quickly, reducing the incidence of bacterial formation. Which is important for anyone with active acne and other skin disorders. I personally use a microfiber cleansing cloth.
  1. A cleansing brush. Help to lightly exfoliate dead skin cells, help to increase the circulation and dislodge dirt and oils from pores. Today you can purchase either a battery operated or manual cleansing brush. For ease and convenience I use a manual brush that hangs in my shower cubical.

How to properly cleanse 

A Double Cleanse should be performed morning and night plus immediately after heavy perspiring e.g. exercise. The first cleanse is all about removing dirt and makeup. The cleanser to be used is an oil-based cleanser, as it will attach the dirt, makeup and sunscreen, waterproof mascara away from the skin. It works on the principle that ‘like attracts like’, so the oil in the product attracts and ‘grabs’ the oil on the skin’s surface and is washed away with the water and your cleansing cloth/brush. Always use ‘tepid water’ that is not too hot or too cold so not to over sensitise the skin. The second cleanse with your normal cleanser (foam, milk, cream, gel) will remove the remaining dirt and grime plus any residue from the oil cleanser. With this double cleanse system you will thoroughly wash everything away and leave skin ‘squeaky-clean’.

Zen DeJour cleanser is a unique formulated cleanser to be used for first and second cleanse. When formulating this cleanser the priority was to create one cleanse that was exceptional, in that it did. It must be able to remove the most stubborn makeup and grime and be gentle on all skin types. The result is fantastic and suits all skin types including sensitive but it has a power action to gently remove makeup with ease and leaving your skin fresh and clean.

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Debra Spence is a Qualified Medical Aesthetician, Cosmetic Scientist, Lecture and Author. Owned of an Australian National Award Winning Medi Spa. Now is concerntrating on Education of Skin and Skincare plus provideing advance treatments to her private patients. Plus developing Zen Dejour a Result Based Cosmeceutical Skincare Range and Dermal Solution Private Lable Professional Skincare.

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