Cleansers are for Cleaning and Not for Feeding

There are so many cleansers on the market today that it can be confusing to many customers as to which one suits your skin type and will help maintain healthy skin and a staple in anyone’s skin care routine. To be blunt and stating the obvious, cleansers are primary formulated to do the same basic function, which is to clean dirt, debris, oil, bacteria and makeup from one’s skin. They do come in different forms/formulas and knowing the right one for you is important and also ensure that you are not pouring valuable ingredients down the drain with the dirt. Here are five important things to look for when choosing a cleanser.

Cleansing Gel:

A sulfate-free gel is best for your morning routine.  This gentle but effective type of cleanser gives your face a fresh start for the day. Our Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel is a great cleanser to get skin glowing—and going in the morning! Gel is activated by water, so remember to prep with damp skin and never apply to dry skin.  Washcloth is optional. See our collection of sulfate-free gel cleansers.

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Cleansing Lotion:
A water-soluble cleansing lotion works for all skin types and is great for dissolving makeup and oil.  For this reason, use as a part of your evening routine.  Keep skin dry as you work it in to avoid diluting the lotion, rinse well and follow up with a gentle baby washcloth or Facial Sponges to remove makeup residue.  You won’t get a squeaky clean feeling with a cleansing lotion, but you can be sure this gentle form of cleansing leaves skin clean and conditioned. See our collection of lightweight cleansing lotions.

Cleansing Cream:
A cleansing cream is a thicker and greasier form of a cleansing lotion and can leave a residual of oil that doesn’t allow for absorption of active ingredients to follow. They also usually contain Mineral Oil and Petrolatum which are ingredients I don’t recommend. Read my list of skin care ingredients to avoid. If you are going to use a cleansing cream, be sure it is not the “tissue off” type. Read: Five Reasons To Wash Your Face Before Bedtime

As you can see, the best formula really correlates to  the best time. Gel, lotion or cream?  Each has a place in a proper skincare routine.  Using a combination in the above recommendations will help keep your skin in optimal condition.


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