Why I get different skin analysis results from different professional.

Despite the growing advanced beauty culture, it is confusing that you can visit several beauty counters, salon and clinicians and receive several different and conflicting results. The main reasons why you get different skin analysis results are due to the following reasons. Skin analysis is very important so that you can purchase the correct home care products and receive the correct professional treatments. While there are four basic skin types –  dry, oily, sensitive, and combination  – most people can have other characteristics different from their skin type.

The 7 main reasons for getting different skin analysis results.

  1. Training: The first reason is that the person carrying out the skin analysis is not trained correctly. Many sale staff behind the beauty counter will have only received limited training and that training will be specific to the product brand that she/he is selling. This sales person often gives you a different skin analysis than a fully trained skin specialist that is not bound by a brand.
  1. Not a Specialist: Your waxing salon staff may have gone to beauty school and done basic skin analysis training. They may have a general idea of skin type and condition, but they are not an expert in skin analysis. They will not pick up discerning differences. For example, an oily skin client may have surface dehydration. Many people will misdiagnosis dehydration for dry skin and recommend the incorrect moisturizer that is too rich for an oily skin. This is why they will give you a different skin analysis result than a fully trained skin specialist.
  1. In sufficient consultation questionnaire: Many clinics and salons are rushing this step. If you go to a salon that only ask your Name, address and what type of skin type you have then you cannot expect to receive a thorough diagnosis of your skin. The questionnaire should include your dietary habits, Medical condition including any medication you are taking, your current skincare and treatment route. If they do not take the time to have you fill in a detailed consultations the the result will be no better than if you went to a counter at a department store.

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  1. Not Taking the time: It is very important that when you are having an analysis carried out that the clinician takes time to get to know you and confirm what you have written on your consultation questionnaire with what they are seen/feeling from your skin. Many people find the consultation questionnaire very overwhelming and personal. They worry about confidentiality and will not complete the form correctly. It is important that you give full enclosure so that a complete skin analysis can be given. By the privacy laws of many counties a therapist/clinician/aesthetician must keep all personal information safe and secure.
  1. Not removing your makeup: This is one of the most classic reasons why you will get different skin analysis results. It is very important that the clinician takes the time to cleansing the skin before completing the analysis. Unfortantently there are some skincare companies that teach their staff that you can do a mini skin analysis without removing the client’s makeup and daily grime. That is like trying to have an ultrasound with your clothes on. If they do not remove your makeup then they are unable to give the correct analysis.
  1. Not using proper diagnostic equipment: The woods lamp or magnifying lamps are a very important tool to enable
    woods lamp
    A woods lamp will show what the eye cannot see

    them to examine your skin carefully and thoroughly. These two very basic pieces of equipment is mandatory tool of trade for any skin professional. The Woods Lamp is an instrument that emits a black light, which allows the skin professional to visibly see oil, dehydration, hyper pigmentation, black heads, and even sun damage that is invisible to the naked eye. Today there are also many computed aided programs and machines that will help with the diagnosis

  1. Your skin has changed: The last main reasons for getting different skin analysis from different professionals is that your skin does change for many reasons. Though we have a basic generic skin type baseline many things can affect the skin and change our skin. Medication affect the skin some will even make you very sensitive to normal sun exposure. Change in our hormones will affect the skin eg teenagers start over producing oil/sebum. It is important to build up relationship with a professional skin specialist/therapist/clinician/aesthetician so that they can monitor and change your skincare and treatment as your skin changes.

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If you have received different skin analysis results because of one or more of the above reasons and you wish to have a correct skin analysis call me and make an appointment today.

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