Professional skincare products verse Department Store items

The products I use in the salon aren’t the same as those available at the drugstore. As a professional skin specialist I have so many people ask me why spend $100 on a product when I can buy the same at the supermarkets for $10. Why buy Professional skincare products verse Department Store items. You can certainly buy something that looks like the same products that is we have in the salon at the grocery store, but they’re likely not the real deal.

The top ten reasons to purchase Professional skincare products verse Department Store items.

  1. I hate to say it but you get what you pay for. Your skin and skin health deserves and demands products that will improve your skin health, repair damage and protect it.
  2. The main aim for supermarket products is consumerism – get you to spend and not sue them. So the formula and ingredients is chosen on two levels, the cheapest and lowest level of skin reaction to prevent being sued. Nothing about helping your skin and skin health just lots of hype and clever marketing jargon to get you to buy it.
  3. Professional skincare ingredients is selected for quality and delivering a result. For example some of the ingredients used in Zen De Jour range cost over $2000kg this is nearly 3 times the price of silver.
  4. Professional skincare wants you to have results. They want you to see a change in your skin for the better.
  5. Many hours of research into ingredients and their combination goes into each product – The Zen De Jour eyelash and hair growth serums has taken over 3 years of testing before being available for human testing (see the results).
  6. The molecular structure of active ingredients is small enough to penetrate the skin levels to enable them the skin to truly benefit from the ingredient. For example  Vitamin A needs to be encapsulated to enable correct level of penetration without causing a negative reaction on the upper levels of the skin.  Another example is cut an orange and squeeze it onto your skin is not going to deliver the same result as a professional vitamin C serum due to the molecular size of the vitamin C in the orange.
  7. Professional Product lines are made in small batches thus are fresher. Due to cost of making professional products they do not have warehouses full of products – that legally can sit there for 3-5 years.
  8. Your professional skin therapist with many years of training and development is recommending the correct product for your skin and skin condition. As I say, you go to a heart Surgeon for a heart problem not your Local Grocery Store owner. Stop self diagnosing and get professional advise that will lead to better skin faster.
  9. Two products can have the exact same list of ingredients, and one will be highly effective while the other could be completely useless. The difference is the concentration of those ingredients. All ingredients are supposed to be listed in order of the concentration used (many are not), but for ingredients with a concentration less than 1% they can be listed in any order. There’s a big difference between an ingredients used at .01% versus 1%, but you would never know it from the label on the bottle, tube or jar.
  10. Save money – Yes the department store is cheaper initially but in the long run will cost you more because you are creating problems or not fixing problem. Using the correct skincare for your skin and concerns you will get results asap and plus usually only need a small amount due to the concentration level of the product.

This is why you buy Professional skincare products verse Department Store items. Over the past ten years, the beauty industry has been reshaped by incredible advancements in the science and technology of new products. If you truly want to improve the appearance in your skin, I know there is no better place to purchase your skin care products than through a reputable skin care professional.

If you are a therapist struggling to sell you professional line to your clients please remember the above top ten reasons Professional skincare products verse Department Store items is better for your client. You are not selling, your are prescribing them a product that will work and get results. You want your clients to have maximum results.

Drop me a line on what is your favorite professional skincare and why.

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