Dermatologist vs Esthetician (Skin Therapist).

Which one is best for me Dermatologist vs Esthetician?

Dermatologist vs Esthetician is a question that I am often asked by my patients. But before we go into to this comparison lets first separate your Esthetician/Skin Therapist from your spa therapist that offers that wonderful relaxing massage and refuge from the world or your beauty therapist that specialize in waxing all those unwanted hair. Esthetician/Skin Therapist is all about your skin and helping you to achieve healthy glowing skin and so does a dermatologist. So what is the difference and why and when should you see either or both of them.

A dermatologist is a doctor and an Esthetician is not a doctor but both are skin specialists. Being a Doctor does not mean that a dermatologist is better than a Esthetician they are just different.

A dermatologist can prescribe medication and Esthetician prescribes treatments and skincare. There are times prescription drugs is necessary to treat certain skin conditions that aren’t responding to normal skin treatments. I see prescription drugs is a way to break the devastating skin cycle and gives the skin a chance to re-balance. But many prescriptions have severe side affects and if you have not addressed the cause of the problem, the condition may come back. This is why working with both your dermatologist and Esthetician is very important to and get to the root of the problem and find a non drug dependent solution. For example a patient that is suffering from severe acne that is inflamed and infected may need an antibiotic from the Dermatologist but the Esthetician via several treatments and specific designed skincare will get the skin acid mantel balance and keep the skin healthy reducing breakouts and need for medication. In my practice if I believe that my patients need to visit a dermatologist or other specialist then will I always refer them to ensure the best outcome for them and their skin.

An Esthetician spend more time with you than a dermatologist.  On an average a dermatologist will spend less than 20mins with you (normally 10mins). Look at your skin may or may not order some test and give you a prescription. Costing around $300 and upwards. A Dermatologist is there to solve your immediate skin problem. It is their job to fix it the quickest and easiest way possible to reduce your suffering. A dermatologist visit will be issue and treatment specific.

An esthetician will spend an between 90-120mins and on an initial visit and for most other visits 60mins . The reason we take this time is to thoroughly understand our clients specific skin concerns and goals, medical history, family history, generics to gain valuable insight into our patients skin type, skin behavior, needs and deficiencies. When taking time to understand your patient and performing a full skin analysis this will ensure you get the results you desire for your skin.

Dermatologists are trained to treat disease of the skin not on how to maintain healthy skin. Recently I visited my skin cancer doctor and was talking to him about the Sea Buckthorn Oil and its amazing properties the is natures answer to “bio oil” . I end-up spending 20mins explaining what was in Bio Oil (a product that he recommends all the time) and what Ingredient  where in it. Then I explain why he should be recommending a natural alternative to his cancer patients. 

Again it is important to note that a Dermatologist is there to solve your immediate skin problem. My skin cancer doctor treatment is there to cut or burn the cancer out NOW. It is simple and effective. When it comes to a dermatologist vs Esthetician or esthetician you will be more knowledgeable about what is best for your skin care routine during the time that your skin is re-balancing and what skincare you should use once healthy skin has been achieved. To an esthetician, skin care is our prescription to you, we are very familiar with skincare ingredients, which products are best to use, when and for how long. A dermatologist, skincare routine can be as simple as “Wash with a mild cleanser and use sunscreen.” But there is so much more to skincare – like what cleanser is best for your skin and are you using the correct zinc base sunscreen. A good esthetician will be able to go into great detail about your skin care routine and what’s right for you.

Esthetician are trained to recommend and administer Professional Skin Care Treatments. Esthetician are highly trained in the area of professional skin treatments. You may require a series of treatments to enhance results or work on problem areas or have regular professional treatments to healthy glowing skin. You will typically see your esthetician every 4 to 6 weeks for specific treatments whereas a dermatologist visit is once a year. An Esthetician’s will give you continued progressive skin results note any changes and tailor your treatments to your current skin needs .

Seeing an esthetician or a dermatologist can offer great results. It is not about dermatologist vs Esthetician, it is about see the right professional for the problem that needs to be solved. If you are in pain, have an infection or out of control skin disease, cancers then see your dermatologist. For all other skin concerns and maintain healthy glowing skin see your Esthetician – REGULARLY.

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