What is triggering your Acne. Squeezing the Living Hell out of it.

Do you just love popping pimples? It feels so good and the pimple is gone. What harm are you really doing?

Yes, we have all been guilty of squeezing a pimple or two but do you know what damage you are doing? What happens is, a pimple is a little sack that holds oil, debris, and acne bacteria. When you burst a pimple all bacteria and other fluids splatters onto the skin and other surfaces. And when it lands on the skin it can enter into other open pores, which can lead to more pimples from spreading the bacteria.

The second problem with picking at acne, you can force the debris and bacteria even deeper into your skin through this new open wound which can cause the pimple to become red, inflamed, swollen and infected, which will take weeks to clear up. The final problem if you keep picking at the same spot endlessly you can cause scarring and may even lead to permanent scarring depending on how many times you pick at that area.

So what causes these Acne and Breakouts?

Breakouts is the most common skin disorder, and 85 percent of the population experiencing it at some time in their life. Most people believe that pimples is an adolescent problem but it can happen at any age, and it appear most on the face, back, and chest. The causes of acne is usually involve with the overproduction of oil and the blockage of follicles that release the oil which lead to the growth of bacteria in those follicles. The triggers of over productions and blockage of follicles can be from many things. In Chinese medicine they believe that depending on where the acne is on your face will tell you what is triggering the overproduction of oil. Chinese face mapping is part of their ancient medicine system and is based on years of observation. It brings forth the idea that different parts of your face correspond to specific organs and body systems. Below is a list is the various zones and the triggers.

Zone 1 – Upper Forehead. – Digestive System. Diet needs Vegetables, Fruit, Pro-biotitic, and Good Protein

Zone 2 – Lower Forehead – Mind and Spirit – Increase your sleep, Reduce Stress and get happy

Zone 3 – Center of brow – Liver – Cut back on alcohol and fat. Let your liver to detox.

Zone 4 – Nose – Heart – Related to blood pressure Time to distress

Zone 5 – Ears and dark circle under eyes – Kidneys – Dehydration – cut caffeine, salt and alcohol and get sleep and increase water.

Zone 6 – Cheeks – Respiratory System – quit smoking, reduce allergies

Zone 7 – Chin – Stomach and Small Intestine – Build up of toxins – need more fibre in diet increase your vegetables and fruit.

Zone 8 – Jaw line side of chin – Hormones and Kidneys – Drink more water If this area does not clear up in a few days you may be suffering hormonal imbalance seek medical advice.

Zone 9 – Neck – Illness – It is a sign that Bacteria infection, drink plenty of water plus get plenty of rest and increase your vitamins especially C and B.

What can you do about the breakout?
There are many over the counter products from your supermarket and department stores that promise the world and even some products have celebrities singing their praise. My professional opinion is, they should be used as a last result (e.g. stuck in an airport with a 20hr flight ahead of you). Most of these products are full of chemicals design to strip your skin of vital oil and hydration, which then triggers your skin to produce more oil, which leads to more breakouts. When my clients come in for acne treatment and have been using these products it takes at least 2 months to fix the acid mantel of their skin and return the oil production back to normal to stop this cycle of breakouts.

There are 4 grades of Acne. Grade 1 is the mildest form, with open and closed comedones (whiteheads and blackheads). Grades 2 and 3 include papules and pustules as well. Grade 4 is the most advanced form, with the entire above plus the appearance of cysts or nodules beneath the skin surface, that can be dime size or larger.

Depending on the grade of your acne, your professional dermal therapist or esthetician will go over the treatment options that would be the most successful for you. It takes time to balance the skin and treat acne. Treatments may include a BHA peels, Micro-dermabrasion, High Frequency and LED that is teamed with normal calming facials. Acne treatments will be every 7 to 14 days to accelerating the healing and regeneration process. The goal is to deeply cleanse follicles and disinfect them, clearing away oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells and return the acid mantel of the skin back to normal.

Then once your acne is under control you will be placed on a maintenance treatments program that will assist you in having health skin and reduce future breakouts. Keep in mind that results require a commitment on your behalf to follow a prescribed home care and professional treatment program.

What about home care?
The first and foremost home care is to use a professional level cleanser; toner and moisturizer that is design to return your skin back to health. Avoiding picking at your pimples as this is the single biggest cause of scarring. Also you should be using a spot treatment just on the pimples to help calm and kill the bacteria. Untreated or under treated acne can lead to continuing, worsening outbreaks and scarring. Your Esthetician will be in close contact with you to be sure your products are working effectively for you. As your treatment progresses, your Esthetician may change your home care routine to fit your changing skin’s needs.

Contact me if you want help with your acne or acne patients.

Thanks to my co-writer: Aundra A McMullen: Owner/Operator of Faces by Mahoganie Skin Care from Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area.

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  1. I definitely savored your website. Thanks for sharing this information

  2. I have this image now of splattering zit residue entering clean pores!! YIKES !! Great information Deb, will be sending your link to a few people I know suffering acne problems…at last they have something REAL to read and not the so-called commercialised ‘wonder’ products.

    1. Hi
      Sorry for the horror vision. Acne can be treated very easy when you know the cause that is triggering it. Many products on the markets – “commercialized wonder products” are designed so that if you stop using them you will have a breakout and will instantly re-purchase their products without you knowing that it is their product that is destroying your skin and creating a larger problem.
      Thanks for forwarding on my blog post to your friends that need help.
      Cheers Debra

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